School Supply Lists

Lists of required supplies for this academic school year

School Supply Memo 2020-2021

In an effort to try and assist families during these tough times Centre Ridge has been working to supply families with necessary school supplies for the start of school in the Distance Learning format. We will be able to provide these supplies either through a delivery or by pick up at the school. It is my hope that families will not have to purchase school supplies on their own.  More information will be provided on the distribution of these supplies shortly.   As school begins, if you need assistance with specific supplies for at Distance Learning, please contact my Administrative Assistant Melissa Fields either by email (@email) or by contacting the school office (703-227-2600) and she will work with you to provide needed items for your child(ren). In the event that school resumes to a hybrid learning environment or a traditional learning environment, a modified school supply list will be posted at that time.


Thank you

Chip Deliee