Centre Ridge students love to read!

Our Librarian

Welcome to the Centre Ridge ES Library! There are over 17,000 books and magazines just waiting to be discovered, covering a wide variety of popular fiction and nonfiction materials for all age ranges. The library is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. for readers to find books and read for personal enjoyment, personal learning, research and class assignments. We hope to ignite curiosity and a love of learning and reading!

How many books can I check out? 

Unlimited! At the beginning of the year, Kindergarten (1 book) and 1st grade (2 books) will be limited as they learn how to checkout and return books. Some popular series we will limit to one of each kind to make sure everyone gets a chance to read all the books. Remember you are responsible for all the books that you check out so check out as many as you can take care of and return.

How long can I read my book before it is due? 

Your book is checked out for 3 weeks. You can renew your book at that time if you are not finished reading it. You do not need to return your book until you are finished reading it. 

Can I put books on hold? 

Yes! If a book is checked out to someone else, but you want to read it next, place the book on hold through the online Destiny Discover library catalog and we will get it to you once it is returned. What’s a hold? It is a digital list of people interested in reading the book, a kind of waiting list. When the student’s name makes it to the top of the list, the book is checked out and delivered to the student, either through the teacher’s mail box or the next time we see the student. You can put up to 5 books on hold.

Are there overdue fines? 

No! We do not charge money for overdue books. However, please be considerate and return books once they are finished so others can also enjoy the book. We will send out reminders about overdue books. The $ amount next to the book is only if the book is lost or damaged.

What happens if I lose/damage a book? 

Please make every effort to continue to look for a lost book. We would rather have the book than your money. It is important to learn to treat library books responsibly and respectfully. They are shared with the entire school community. To help teach responsibility, and to prepare for the use of our Public Libraries, students are responsible for paying for damaged and/or lost books. If you are sure that a book is lost, come talk to the librarian. We will let you know the $ amount owed and discuss how to repay the library. If a book is damaged, we will see if we can repair it first. If it can no longer be used in the library we will tell you the $ amount owed to replace it.

Can I donate books to the library? 

We appreciate the thought, but all books in the library go through a careful curation process, so we do not accept donations. The classroom teachers would love to have book donations!

Can I use the library for other things than book check out? 

YES! The library is a great place to work with a group on a project, sit and read, have a meeting (check with the librarian first), or have a brain break. The library is a learning commons for our whole community.


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FCPS Online Databases and E-books

Coding Classes

Learn to write a computer program that tells a computer what to do. 


TumbleBooks has over 1,000 titles including story books, read alongs, videos, nonfiction, math stories, puzzle games and more. Username: fairfax. Password: fairfax. 


This online reading program is accessible to students in school or from home.

Log on with FCPS username and password.

Pebble Go 

PebbleGo is a pre-K to grade 3 database for reading and research. PebbleGo offers four separate databases: PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science, PebbleGo Biographies and PebbleGo Social Studies.

Log on with FCPS username and password.