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Technology Support  For FCPS Technology

SIS Parent Account

Need support for Parent Schoology Account or Parent SIS Account?

FCPS students now have unlimited access to 24/7, on-demand, online tutoring support services through at no cost to families.  Students can connect online any time, any place, and in most K-12 subjects for however long they need. Tutoring may be on-demand and/or scheduled at a time convenient for the student and/or family. 

Screen Activity Reports

Parents can get information about their child's activity on their FCPS laptop. Sign up to receive a weekly Parent Report from Lightspeed, our internet content filtering service, which will provide a list of the top sites the child visited that week.

The Request Process

The request process is simple for the parent: 

Step 1 - Parents must make sure that they have two items before making a request - the enrolling parent email address on file in SIS and the student’s ID number. To protect the student data being shared with an unauthorized email, those two variables must match exactly what we have in the system to verify the parent’s association to the child. 

Step 2 - Parents can then go to the Technology Support for Families page and submit a ticket requesting to be added to the Lightspeed Weekly Parent Report, and should include the the enrolling parent email address on file in SIS and the student’s ID number. 

Once verified, the enrolling parent email will be added to the parent report recipient list, and the parent will start receiving the report for their child over the weekends.